Problems We're Solving

With tons of background, industry input, and insider knowledge, we've put together a central dashboard for management of key aspects of your third party infrastructure.

Multi-DNS Managment
Multi-CDN Management
Consolidated Multi-Provider Charting

What we're up to...

Multi-Vendor Strategies Prevent Outages.
If your website has gone down due to a third-party issue, you're not alone. And the challenges of managing multiple providers should not be a barrier to entry. We simplify the complexities of your multi-vendor portfolio with our easy to use portal.
Rapid Integration Reduces CapEx.
Evaluating vendors is time lost. You're forced into new portals, process, contracts, procurement, legal, integration. Why do that for every vendor? Let us simplify the process on your behalf and help make the selection process easier.
Eliminate Operational Overhead.
Your engineers are valuable to your business and are essential to building the tooling that are part of your core business. With traffiq, your engineers can focus on what matters most to your business.
Centralized Configuration.
Once integrated with our service, forget about the quirks and nuances of other vendor portals. Our simple interface, translation engine, and core processing plane handle all of your config deployments.
Validation and Process Control.
Our processing plane ensures your configs are correct before deployment. Not only do we validate, but we're able to provide tooling and monitoring to ensure your services remain accurate after release.
Federated Escalation Saves Time.
Ever wonder if Company A is having a problem with Vendor X? While we maintain your company's privacy, our centralization of logs and performance data allow us to escalate issues on behalf of multiple high profile companies.
Ops Ready Centralized APIs.
API Integration with every vendor is a huge chore. From reporting, configuration, purge, and more, we make your third-party APIs easily accessible from a single pane of glass. We're an API-First shop, you'll have access to both APIs and our WYSIWYG portal.


Headquartered in Austin, we celebrate all things Silicon Hills has to offer. We're rapidly developing and prototyping new integrations and features on a daily basis and are actively bringing on beta users to help provide guidance on our product roadmap.

The infrastructure generally held by IT and Systems Operations are rapidly moving towards a DevOps and SRE managed world. We're providing a single pane of glass to manage and operationalize these core services across multiple providers with ease.

Founder Bios

With over a decade of knowledge and industry experience building and running large scale caching systems and DNS infrastructure, Jonathan took a look at the how other companies manage the services that are core to their reliability and realized that the industry was lacking the necessary tooling for companies to be successful.

As an original member of Netflix's Content Delivery and Open Connect team, Jonathan helped build the operational tools and optimized streaming algorithms to take full advantage of the complexities of caching and streaming within highly congested networks. Jonathan was responsible for founding the team and developing the strategy and operational mindset that has enabled LinkedIn to survive mutliple third-party outages.
The highlights of Jeremy's decade+ long career consist of building automation and tooling to support high scale, latency sensitive backend infrastructure for a variety of Fortune 500 and Alexa Top 100 websites in sectors spanning banking, retail sales, and massive social networks. Operating in both the development and operations (aka DevOPs) roles, Jeremy has the understanding of the need to reduce human error, and costly mistakes. Robust automation and tooling are essential to any organization.

Jeremy is currently part of LinkedIn's Edge Performance Site Reliability Engineering team, who are responsible for routing end-user traffic to LinkedIn's PoP and Data Centers.